Paço da Torre - Portugal
Paço da Torre - Portugal
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What to do… By car, in less than 15 minutes

Hiking in the trails in the Vouzela and São Pedro do Sul area

Below you can find some links with more information (in Portuguese) about the hiking trails identified by Vouzela and São Pedro do Sul municipalities. In each room, there are brochures with more information (in Portuguese) on these trails.

Hiking trails in Vouzela areaBlog DarasolaRotas e São João de Jerusalém

Trip and hike to Mata de Nossa Senhora do Castelo

6 km from Paço you will find a mountain 520 meters high, with beautiful woods around it. On top of this mountain you can find a small chapel and a wonderful view of the valleys and surrounding mountains.

Medicinal Thermal Spa treatments in Termas de São Pedro do Sul

Located 7 km from Paço da Torre, Termas de S. Pedro do Sul thermal water has been used for healing purposes for over 2,000 years, since the roman era.  The water of this thermal spa is of sulfur that surfaces at 68.7º C, with reported healing properties for many ailments (mostly reumathological and respiratory ailments). Around this spring, one of the most modern thermal spa facilities in Europe was developed. With great technology and human resources of high quality, you can here find treatments that have shown to improve a number of health conditions.

Spa and wellness treatments in Termas de São Pedro do Sul

Besides the medical thermal spa treatments, Termas de São Pedro do Sul also offers regular wellness and spa treatments (massages, etc.).

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