Paço da Torre - Portugal
Paço da Torre - Portugal
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What to do… By car

Taking the Penoita and Torres trails (about 30 km in total)

Visiting the Cambarinho botanical park (27 km) 

Located in the municipality of Vouzela, but already on the northern slope of the Caramulo mountain, with oleanders as the dominant vegetation, which blooms from May to July, forming large patches of purple and green colors. Beautiful, not to be missed! (Climbing the mountain for 6 km you will reach the village of Caramulo).

Visiting the Penoita forest

It is an interesting nature site and beautiful because of the forest of oak, chestnut and birch trees, forming an ecosystem of high importance in terms of conservation, where there is a picnic area, a walking trail and recreational areas.

Visiting the typical mountain villages of S. Pedro do Sul county

Covas do Monte – Population situated in a valley and surrounded by cliffs, with small houses in schist and streets covered in arched vines. It has one of the largest herds of goats in the country.

Fujaco – Village with schist houses, many still covered with slate, surrounded by a fertile and humid valley.

Manhouce – It has a valuable architectural, archaeological, scenic, cultural and ethnographic collection, alive and well preserved. Headquarters of the Cantares de Manhouce group.

 Aldeia da Pena – Nestled in a deep valley surrounded by cliffs on the north side of the St. Macário Mountain. Houses in schist in small scale.

See some films and pictures of these villages and the Arada Mountain on following links: (Villages 1; Villages 2; Villages 3; Villages 4)

Visiting Caramulo Mountain (30 kms)

The highlights are the Automobile Museum, Caramulinho and the typical villages of Malha Pão, Laceiras and Jueus.

 Visiting the Douro Valley (75 kms)

45 minutes after departing from Paço and driving comfortably through mostly highway A24, you are presented with the beautiful sight of the Douro river banks covered in vineyards. The most interesting and gorgeous part of the Douro Valley is from Peso da Régua and going east along the river. Paço da Torre highly suggests this very pleasant day trip.

Departing from Paço after breakfast, take national road N16 towards Viseu. After about 18 km you will arrive to an exit that gets you to highway A24 where you should go in the direction of Lamego/Vila Real. On highway A24 you should then take exit 11, in direction of Peso da Régua, and thereafter take the national road N222 towards Pinhão.

Arriving in Pinhão, park by the railroad station. We suggest you take the train to the station of Ferradosa or Pocinho (further east). The train ride is beautiful and always along the river banks, through regions only seen by boat or train, since the road does not come so close to the river bank. In Ferradosa, we recommend lunch at Cais da Ferradosa, a nice restaurant with a nice view. Make a reservation by phone: +351 254 488 011 or Be sure to contact the restaurant in Ferradosa in advance, before you decide to exit the train at this station, because if it is not open there will not be other places to get a meal here. If the restaurant is not open, then we suggest you continue on the train all the way to Pocinho, where you can find a place to have a small meal.

We suggest the following train schedule: Departure from Pinhão at 11:42, at Ferradosa 12:16, arriving in Pocinho at 12:39.

Take the train back to Pinhão: departure from Pocinho at 13:25, at Ferradosa 13:48, arriving in Pinhão at 14:20. Here you can consider visiting one of the many vineyards and have a wine tasting.

Please note that the schedules are different on Sundays and holidays, so we suggest you check the time tables here.

If you prefer, you can choose to take a boat trip from Pinhão, instead of the train ride.

On the way back to Paço, we recommend a visit to Lamego, in particular its Cathedral and the Senhora do Remédios sanctuary. When returning to Paço, it is best to take exit 3 on highway A24, towards S. Pedro do Sul by national road N16.

Visiting the town of Viseu (20 km)

Visiting the towns of Seia and Gouveia at the foot of the Serra da Estrela mountain chain and national park (65 km)

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